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Postponement of Consultations on A350/C13 Corridor Improvements

Date Posted: 29 Apr 2017

~~Subject: A350/C13 Corridor Improvements
Dear Sir /Madam
As you are aware, prior to local and general elections we have to comply with “Purdah” regulations to avoid any potential conflict of interest with the democratic process .
Our initial  view was that our consultation process did not place us in a compromising position in relation to the local elections, however with the A350/C13 scheme gaining national media attention in recent days, I am of the opinion the same cannot now be said in relation to the General Election.
As a result we have decided to delay the consultation meetings until after the General Election with likely dates mid June.
I do not anticipate this will delay the implementation of the scheme but will regrettably  delay you gaining sight of our proposals .
I look forward to seeing you in June
Best Regards
|| Andrew Martin || Service Director Highways & Emergency Planning || Tel: 01305 228182 ( x715 8182) ||